Thank you, Mozilla

It has been my great pleasure over the last six years to be on the Board of Directors of Mozilla Foundation, the nonprofit Foundation of which the Mozilla Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary.  Mozilla has thanked me for my service publicly–and now I want to say, “Back at you, Mozilla!” 


I joke that I’m the first “non-Inventor of the Internet” to be on the Mozilla Board.  My esteem for my Mozilla collagues, beginning with Mozilla Founder Mitchell Baker and Mozilla Foundation Director Mark Surman, and extending to everyone at Mozilla, is boundless.


I am proud to leave the Board in such good hands, with so many able new colleagues to help lead the world to a better, healthier Internet.  “Internet Health” is a daunting proposition.  We have a long way to go.  Yet Mozilla has been there through so many important decisions, legislation, policies, and regulations that have helped with the help–or, at the very least, helped present disastrous policies that would have made the Internet even worse than it is now.

I am also very pleased that, in coming months and years, HASTAC will continue its relationship in some way with Mozilla through jointly thinking about how we can champion a new form of computational training where deep, real training in the human, social, and political dimensions of technology is not just an add on, but deeply woven into the fiber of computational thinking.  

Similarly, we champion humanists and social scientists and artists thinking deeply about the future and the present of technology.   A new kind of higher education for this world, a new expansive general education, need to be hallmarks of “digital literacy.”