Who Asks Computer Programming Questions Online?

To distract myself from finals I took some public data about computer programming and it’s most popular forum and modified a web application so that you can look at user demographics and their question and answer forum habits: https://magic-passive.glitch.me/

In May, Stack OverFlow released their 2019 Developer survey to the public. Stack OverFlow is a question and answer website for computer programming questions. Questions range from beginner to advanced on a vast range of topics, and is an unofficial staple of any kind of computer programming education (or it certainly is in mine!). 

The survey asked roughly 90,000 users of the website/forum about the technologies they use, how they feel about their workplace, and their habits on the website. Since the data is publicly available, I was able to copy their project and adjust the application they created to view the data. You can query and explore the data by different demographics in your web browser.

For example, here I’m looking at the number of times full-time students were able to find an answer to a coding quesion tthey could use on Stack OverFlow:

Check it out here: https://magic-passive.glitch.me/

Here’s the original Stack OverFlow release of the data

Here’s the original Stack OverFlow project that allows you to query the data: 

Photo credit: pixalbay.com