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  • FI App: Getting Started Tips

    FI App: Getting Started Tips

    In my last post, I announced my FI research project, which aims to build a tool that can benefit both the FI and broader CUNY community. Specifically, the project focuses on building the FI Events Mobile Application. As a quick reminder, the goals of the project are the following: Build an Android Mobile App that displays FI events, which provides greater […]

  • Voyant – DNC and RNC 2016

    Voyant – DNC and RNC 2016

    I have recently had the opportunity to explore Voyant – an open-source, web-based application for performing text analysis. The two speeches I analyzed were Donald Trump’s RNC speech and Hillary Clinton’s DNC speech. My first step was to visualize the two speeches by entering a URL that linked to them in the Voyant text box, […]

  • Project Announcement! Developing the FI Events Mobile App

    Project Announcement! Developing the FI Events Mobile App

    As part of our mission at the Futures Initiative, we conduct research projects aimed at understanding the complexities of the higher education landscape. In past years, FI fellows have conducted various data-driven projects focusing on CUNY’s FI community. Graduate Fellow Michael Dorsch led the CUNY NYC Language Mapping Project to map the languages spoken across New York City […]

  • Text Analysis: Underwood, Brett, and Posner

    Text Analysis: Underwood, Brett, and Posner

    Brett and Underwood make many of the same distinctions in their discussions of text analysis or text mining. Both emphasize that the tools of text mining are usually applied to very large collections of works and data. Both also stress that there is inevitably going to be some level of human intervention. In other words, […]

  • Demography Meets the Digital Humanities

    Demography Meets the Digital Humanities

    Abstract “A Digital Reading of Twentieth Century Demography” brings the tools of the digital humanities to the history of demography, or population science, in the twentieth century. The project provides an overview of population science in the twentieth century, identifying the broad outlines and thematic trends of the field. “A Digital Reading of Twentieth Century […]

  • Codecademy Evaluation

    Codecademy Evaluation

              We use programs run by code every day, but so few of us actually know how to code ourselves. Codecademy, an online learning website, aims to teach the world how to code. Their site is home to free, learn by doing coding lessons on HTML, CSS, Java, Ruby, SQL, Sass, […]

  • My Text Encoding Initiative

    My Text Encoding Initiative…   Through the use of TEI encoding, I have been able to formulate a representation of a text document in digital form. The short snippet of the document that I attempted to encode was called “A Poem on the Bill Lately Passed for Regulating the Slave Trade”. One of the main components in […]

  • Activism & Crowdsourcing

    Activism & Crowdsourcing

    Crowdsourcing and activism pair beautifully. There is power and numbers, and when it comes to activism, there is a lot of work that goes into researching, organizing, and mobilizing.  I searched the web for crowdsourcing project that had to do with activism. In my search I came across different types of crowdsourcing projects. What’s on the […]

  • The Stack of CrowdSourcing

    The Stack of CrowdSourcing

    What is crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is a method by which individuals or organizations use contributions to develop ideas or products. In today’s tech driven society, much of this is done through the use of the internet.   One of my favorite crowdsourcing platforms is stack overflow. I place this site in the category of crowdsourcing because […]

  • The relationship between a Database and a Digital Archive

    The relationship between a Database and a Digital Archive

    Stephen Ramsey points out that Relational Databases are very helpful and very efficient to access and search data. All Rational Databases use a comprehensive language goes by SQL that enable users and applications to search data very faster and more accuracy comparing to digital archives.  Relationships:  The relation between tables in Relational Databases it very similar to […]