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  • Casting Couch Simulator__Prototype

    Casting Couch Simulator__Prototype

    You can play the prototype here:

  • Apple Arcade and what to play

    So in this project, we were told to select a platform that we envision the game to be put on.  I was very integrated by the arrival of the apple arcade and played a lot of games on it. Here is a talk I did at Depaul MFA meetup about my research on apple arcade. I […]

  • Casting Couch Simulator__What it is?

    Casting Couch Simulator__What it is?

    Title; Casting Couch Simeowlator    Overview: You finally get your dream job as a pornography director, now it is time to find some actor that can make you some bucks.    Game Experience: This is a point and clicks game in the genre of visual novels. You will be given choice during dialogue, the goal […]

  • Making Game with Renpy

    Making Game with Renpy

    What is Renpy? Renpy is one of the many visual novel engines. It is free and open-source, you can download it at Renpy stands for Renai (Japanese for love) and Python. So as the name suggests, the game engine uses python as its coding language, and you can create games like a lot of Japanese […]

  • Informed Experiences, Designing Consent

    Informed Experiences, Designing Consent

    Designs, whether implicitly or explicitly, cite core values that influence their development, marketing, and use. All too often, technology and interactive media are designed around profit, efficiency, objectivity, and other similar values that contribute to normalizing certain bodies, cultures, identities, and communities over others.  Informed Experiences, Designing Consent was an event conceptualized and organized to bring […]

  • #MyMotherWasAComputer Symposium at William & Mary November 2, 2018: An Overview and Lingering Questions

    #MyMotherWasAComputer Symposium at William & Mary November 2, 2018: An Overview and Lingering Questions

    “My Mother Was a Computer: Legacies of Gender and Technology” was a one day symposium (November 2, 2018) at William & Mary organized by my professor, Dr. Liz Losh. The day was packed from start to finish with smart conversation, witty one-liners, and open-ended questions, many of which I will point to here. The symposium […]

  • Postmortem: Bodies, Games and Boundaries.

    Postmortem: Bodies, Games and Boundaries.

    I previously posted a “postmortem” on a Twitter Chat on Public Humanities. Like I said before, in calling this a postmortem I’m drawing from the practice in the games industry in which design teams reflect on the development process involved in bringing a game from an idea all the way to market.  This is a postmortem on […]

  • Follow along: Bodies, Games and Boundaries Twitter Chat

    Follow along: Bodies, Games and Boundaries Twitter Chat

      Hi everybody,  Our twitter chat, “Bodies, Games, and Boundaries” starts soon. If you would like to follow along, you may do so using this widget. You may participate on Twitter with #GamingBodies   #GamingBodies Tweets

  • Playtesting: Bulge Lab

    In April 2017, I conducted an online survey about the gender identity/practices and gaming habits of men who have sex with men. Through the data I collected, I developed a web-based Alternate Reality Game (ARG), entitled Bulge Lab. Bulge Lab is an online adventure that takes about 15 minutes to play. The game focuses on gay lived experiences […]

  • Video Game Violence Linked to Children

    Video Game Violence Linked to Children

      In this report, violence in video games is shown to affect children under the age of 18 in one of two ways. The first way embodies Stuart Hall’s theory of communication and is detrimental to development and growth of a child. The second represents McLuhan’s theory and has transformative effects on children for the better. […]