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  • HASTAC and the Problem of Social Networks

    HASTAC and the Problem of Social Networks

    Note: This blog post represents the beginning of an important conversation we intended to have at the HASTAC 2020 conference, as it is central to HASTAC’s concept of hindsight, foresight, and insight in considering ourselves as a network. Although that conference has unfortunately been canceled, we still hope to have this discussion. We welcome comments […]

  • Introduction: Andy Fischer Wright (UT Austin)

    Hey folks! My name is Andy Fischer Wright, and I am a new HASTAC scholar. I’m in my first year of a doctoral program in Radio-Television-Film at UT Austin, and I use he/him/his pronouns. My background is in critical media studies/ cultural studies scholarship and consulting work with writing centers, though I’ve recently written on everything from Lime […]

  • Screen-Free Computers

        I am using the customary screen with keyboard as I write this on my laptop, but I am arguing for a different kind of computer technology than we have now.     That is the paradigm I am calling the screen-light “Intranet of Things” for an Ecological Age, as opposed to the screen-heavy and commercial […]

  • Scholar Spotlight: Martin Perez Comisso

    Scholar Spotlight: Martin Perez Comisso

    Hi! I’m Martín, a Chilean third-year Ph.D. student at Arizona State University. My program has the most extended name that I know for a degree, called “Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology,” which is based on science and technology studies (STS) but goes above and beyond that field. In the next questions, I […]

  • Casting Couch Simulator__Postmodern

    Casting Couch Simulator__Postmodern

          Designing game with academic papers as a starting point: This is the first time I have to create a game inspired by academic paper, and it was interesting. I didn’t start to make games until after college which I spent six years doing research in sociology and gender studies (worked various jobs […]

  • Casting Couch Simulator__What it is?

    Casting Couch Simulator__What it is?

    Title; Casting Couch Simeowlator    Overview: You finally get your dream job as a pornography director, now it is time to find some actor that can make you some bucks.    Game Experience: This is a point and clicks game in the genre of visual novels. You will be given choice during dialogue, the goal […]

  • Discussion of Numbered Lives, Ch 2: Counting the Dead (Sarah Richardson)

    This post is part of the HASTAC Scholars Collaborative Book Discussion on Numbered Lives: Life and Death in Quantum Media (MIT Press, 2018), by HASTAC Co-Director Jacqueline Wernimont. — David Gurman’s installation, The Nicholas Shadow is a “real-time memorial” where the bell at St. Ignatius’s church would ring as a public performance marking every Iraqi […]

  • What trying to bake cakes for YouTube taught me about life, the internet, and the digital divide!!

    ​​​ What Does this have to do with Cake I decided that I would bake to make money on the side. Actually what I decided to do was make videos of me making cakes and post them on the internet in order to make money. Essentially, cakes would be my side hustle, which the term […]

  • Me, Myself, & Echo Chambers

    Me, Myself, & Echo Chambers

    Heather Heyer.  This is a name you may or may not remember. Heather was a 32-year-old paralegal from Virginia.  She had a job.  She had friends.  She had a life.  That life was taken from her on August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia while protesting a white nationalist rally.  I guess that’s where we are […]

  • The Unseen Virtual Landscape of Conspiracy Theories

    The Unseen Virtual Landscape of Conspiracy Theories

    There are people who will tell you that the Earth is flat. It is not simply ignorance, and it is not a case of falling victim to fake news. The idea that our planet is not a sphere, and that scientists or the government or the media do not want us to know this, is […]