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  • Attention Women’s Rights Advocates! Be Aware of Filter Bubbles.

    Social media has become a useful tool for advocating for women’s rights.  However, the landscape of the digital age is changing. Have you noticed how, when browsing your social media, you tend to only see content with ideas that you agree with? Recently, this is how most people have been experiencing their online activity. Social […]

  • Anonymity: A Destruction of Justice

    Anonymity: A Destruction of Justice

    Introduction  Due to the complex structural conditions of the online sphere, such as anonymity, individual online actions may become more disinhibited and less restrained by traditional norms. Thus, meaning that individuals have the ability to abuse this structure in order perform criminal activities. Anonymity is a pinnacle in Internet culture that helps move forward this […]

  • Bots and Their Potential

    Bots and their Potential What are bots? Bots are tools that follow a coded script of instructions to complete a process. Bots can be algorithms designed to accomplish a certain task that is repetitive and could be done faster if a human were to do the same action. Some bots do not even need to […]

  • #MyMotherWasAComputer Symposium at William & Mary November 2, 2018: An Overview and Lingering Questions

    #MyMotherWasAComputer Symposium at William & Mary November 2, 2018: An Overview and Lingering Questions

    “My Mother Was a Computer: Legacies of Gender and Technology” was a one day symposium (November 2, 2018) at William & Mary organized by my professor, Dr. Liz Losh. The day was packed from start to finish with smart conversation, witty one-liners, and open-ended questions, many of which I will point to here. The symposium […]

  • Thank you, Mozilla

    Thank you, Mozilla

    It has been my great pleasure over the last six years to be on the Board of Directors of Mozilla Foundation, the nonprofit Foundation of which the Mozilla Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary.  Mozilla has thanked me for my service publicly–and now I want to say, “Back at you, Mozilla!”    I joke that I’m […]

  • My Year in HASTAC Communications

    HASTAC Communications: A Reflection Over the 2017-18 academic year, I served as a communications intern for HASTAC@ASU. In this capacity, I regularly posted to the HASTAC Twitter, compiled and published monthly HASTAC newsletters, and sat in on several HASTAC team meetings. These roles, tasks, and experiences provided a unique and rewarding set of challenges I […]

  • How To Become a Technical Writer, for Academics

    How To Become a Technical Writer, for Academics

    I completed my PhD in Comparative Literature at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in 2017 and am currently working on the Community team (composed of technical writers and technical editors) at the cloud computing company DigitalOcean. I joined the tech industry while I was ABD and completed my dissertation while […]

  • 2nd Workshop on Abusive Language Online (Humanists, SocSci, Arts – join us!)

    2nd Workshop on Abusive Language Online (Humanists, SocSci, Arts – join us!)

    HASTAC friends and colleagues – I am a member of the organizing committee for this workshop and I am particularly keen to have humanists, social scientists, and artists engaged too. If you have questions about format or any thing else related to the CfP, please feel free to contact me directly. I hope to see some […]

  • A Gender and Information Technology Reading List

    A Gender and Information Technology Reading List

    This list comes to us courtesy of Anna Lauren Hoffman ( and @annaeveryday), an assistant professor at the UW iSchool. As she notes “the list was produced for a large 100-level course (120+ students) on Gender & Information Technology that we run out of the iSchool here at UW. This my first quarter teaching the course […]

  • What Are The Key Properties That Make It Possible for Innovative Institutions To Do What They Do?

      1-After my talk at @GeorgiaTech @IanBogost tweeted this great question: What are the properties of the institutions or programs doing the innovative things you mentioned that are making it possible for them actually to do them rather than just pondering the idea?   While waiting for my ride to @AgnesScott for today’s Founder’s Day keynote, […]