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  • “I Know You and I Haven’t Even Met You”: Oversharing on Social Media

    “I know you, and I haven’t even met you”: [Image result for photos of oversharing] Oversharing on Social Media Are you an Over-Sharer? Most people rarely ever realize how much they post on a daily basis and the content of what they actually post. In this new technological age, many individuals have become very consumed […]

  • New Era of Privacy

    New Era of Privacy

    New Era of Privacy We are in a time where almost everything operates through the internet, you are not considered “up-to-date” if you do not have the modern technology. The constant updates help to enhance the experience of the user, this could be one of the reasons for the constant increase in consumers using technology. […]

  • Thinking through the world brain

    Thinking through the world brain

    WHY IT MATTERS WHO OWNS AND GOVERNS OUR GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY If our networked tools for sharing knowledge are free, far reaching, and fast, does it matter who owns and governs them? I’m posting the draft of a chapter of my dissertation on the Humanities Commons in support of the belief that the infrastructure of knowledge production is in fact […]

  • DML Playlist Final Report!

    DML Playlist Final Report!

    1. Who were you addressing with your design objective? Urban public high school students.  While New York City (NYC) is considered the media and technology capital of the world, the population Urban Arts Partnership (UAP) serves — i.e. people of color living in NYC’s communities of low-income — is underrepresented in this industry. Roughly 11% […]

  • Why WordPress? Take Control and Build Your Own Course Site

    Why WordPress? Take Control and Build Your Own Course Site

    At every education level, teachers spend hours prepping and planning. For educators, the highest priority items when mapping out a semester often include creating learning goals, lessons, and assignments. It is completely understandable that the last thing any professor would like to do before the semester begins is learn a new tool. However, gone are the days where […]

  • NCSU STS 214 Citizen Science Project: Secchi Disk

    NCSU STS 214 Citizen Science Project: Secchi Disk

    Secchi Disk Citizen Science Project We decided to adapt the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Citizen Water Monitoring Program from This citizen science project focused on the monitoring of water quality and pollutants and is sponsored by the MPCA.  The project calls for participants to use either a secchi disk, for use in lakes or […]

  • PressureNet: Great Beginner Citizen Science Project

    PressureNet: Great Beginner Citizen Science Project

    Project: PressureNet  By: Samuel Cynamon, Corey Atkins, Jialang Li​ We chose this project because it offers a unique opportunity to start a new initiative on campus to aide in the crowdsourcing weather app using recycled phone, and solar energy. Normally users just need to have it downloaded on their phone to allow the automatic reporting system to […]

  • Track your Cat -STS Technosci- Project

    STS Technoscience Project- Cat GPS Tracking By:Edwin Jimenez, Justin Wang, Will Payne and Søren Dahl   Introduction: We are a group of four STS students from NC State University creating a citizen science project.  Traditional citizen science rarely engages participants in shaping the research agenda. On the other hand, civic technoscience affords: “new material technologies in […]

  • Announcing #SocialDiss: Transforming the dissertation into networked knowledge production

    Announcing #SocialDiss: Transforming the dissertation into networked knowledge production

    To what extent can the general public participate in and benefit from the production of a dissertation? How might the private and anxiety-ridden processes of education be transformed into a public good and social joy? Are the imperfect artifacts of learning to be hidden and disposed of as shameful waste, or might they provide fertile […]

  • Codecademy: Educational Institution?

    Codecademy: Educational Institution?

    Most people use smartphones or laptops to communicate with one another and are aware of the fact that programming is a significant component behind making these things work. The issue at hand is that the majority of these people do not know how to write code. Two reasons for this would be that the person […]