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  • Cytoscape and customizing your network

    Cytoscape and customizing your network

    “Cytoscape is an open source and [Java-based] software for integrating biomolecular interaction networks with high-throughput expression data and other molecular states into a unified conceptual framework” (Shannon 2498). It uses graph theory for modeling and rendering to display interactive graphs. This application is very professional with a lot of features and requires good knowledge of Data analysis […]

  • Wiki-Contributing


    For exercise 1 of this practicum, I visited the citation hunt project page and searched for a topic relevant to myself, track and field athletes. I stumbled upon a page that needed multiple citations, a former athlete and American beauty pageant winner Claire Schreiner. The citations I tried to add didn’t end up working, but this […]

  • Practicum: Network Analysis

    Practicum: Network Analysis

    I recently used Cytoscape – an open source platform for network analysis – to visualize the distribution of race and ethnicity among the deceased that law enforcement agencies killed in 2015 and 2016. I wanted to see which law enforcement agencies targeted which demographics of victims. I plan to use the information to focus activist […]

  • Voyant – DNC and RNC 2016

    Voyant – DNC and RNC 2016

    I have recently had the opportunity to explore Voyant – an open-source, web-based application for performing text analysis. The two speeches I analyzed were Donald Trump’s RNC speech and Hillary Clinton’s DNC speech. My first step was to visualize the two speeches by entering a URL that linked to them in the Voyant text box, […]

  • Experience Editing Wikipedia

    Experience Editing Wikipedia

                Wikipedia has been an invaluable resource because it embodies so many of the best elements of the web. It takes advantage of the internets near zero marginal cost nature to become available to every single individual in the world for free. That is amazing! It has figured out effective community […]

  • The Highs and Lows of Collaboration: Wikipedia

    The Highs and Lows of Collaboration: Wikipedia

         This practicum on editing and citing on Wikipedia made me realize just how easy it is to change the information presented. Growing up, every teacher from the fourth grade on warns about the potential misinformation one could receive on Wikipedia, but the information available usually appears to be fairly reliable. I think that […]

  • Wikipedia


    Wikipedia! Growing up, in school you knew when writing a paper or report, Wikipedia could not be cited as a credible source. But I never really looked into what Wikipedia was all about until I read their Five Pillars. The main points are: ​ Wikipedia is an encyclopedia Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of […]

  • Editing Wikipedia’s Pages on YouTube

    Editing Wikipedia’s Pages on YouTube

    The citation I added to Wikipedia required finding the source of a quote from Margaret Thatcher’s 1995 memoirs on her opinion of Clement Attlee. Figuring out the title of Thatcher’s 1995 memoir was not difficult, but it took a bit more time to find the page number on which the quote appeared. I used the […]

  • The Crowd-sourced Encyclopedia

    The Crowd-sourced Encyclopedia

    Wikipedia comprises an enormous knowledge base that is constantly being adapted, edited and added to. In order to moderate this knowledge, Wikipedia utilizes a vast number of editors which it relies on to provide information, citations and so on. However, much of the information on Wikipedia is lacking a credible source. It may be that […]

  • Activism & Crowdsourcing

    Activism & Crowdsourcing

    Crowdsourcing and activism pair beautifully. There is power and numbers, and when it comes to activism, there is a lot of work that goes into researching, organizing, and mobilizing.  I searched the web for crowdsourcing project that had to do with activism. In my search I came across different types of crowdsourcing projects. What’s on the […]