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  • How Filter Bubbles and Fake News Affect Voting in America

      Voting and Democracy The United States has always been a country built on the idea of democracy and the involvement of the common citizen when it comes to government. Every election, political parties emphasize the importance of voting and the impact that an individual vote has on the final results. Voting has long been […]

  • Invasion of Privacy… or not?

    Invasion of Privacy… or not? Social Responsibility The connection being made between one’s online activity and how the internet takes this online activity and tailors’ the information you see on your media pages is happening in our everyday lives. Liking a page on Facebook turns into more pages like these being recommended to you and […]

  • Online Giving: How Social Media has changed the Game, and the Name

    Online Giving: How Social Media has changed the Game, and the Name

     In the past, nonprofits and fundraisers had to establish connections with donors through mail, or on the phone, or even in person! Yes, I said in person! I know, crazy right? Slowly, people, businesses, and nonprofits started creating social media accounts. This changed EVERYTHING! This connected everyone and connected people to all sorts of causes. […]

  • Me, Myself, & Echo Chambers

    Me, Myself, & Echo Chambers

    Heather Heyer.  This is a name you may or may not remember. Heather was a 32-year-old paralegal from Virginia.  She had a job.  She had friends.  She had a life.  That life was taken from her on August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia while protesting a white nationalist rally.  I guess that’s where we are […]

  • The Unseen Virtual Landscape of Conspiracy Theories

    The Unseen Virtual Landscape of Conspiracy Theories

    There are people who will tell you that the Earth is flat. It is not simply ignorance, and it is not a case of falling victim to fake news. The idea that our planet is not a sphere, and that scientists or the government or the media do not want us to know this, is […]

  • Are Algorithms Stunting Our Ability to Engage?

    It is important to remember that social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all allow for creation and exchange of content .With this, it is impossible for our digital interactions to not intertwine with democracy because we are constantly being fed biased information. While this is happening all the time, we experience it […]

  • The State of Traditional News in the Digital Age

    Civic Engagement and Traditional News before Twitter Before social media, options for information receiving in order to be a more civically engaged person were limited. You could subscribe to certain newspapers or watch certain channels, but ultimately your options for receiving news were from well-established institutions that all meet the same type of standards. Sure, […]

  • Attention Women’s Rights Advocates! Be Aware of Filter Bubbles.

    Social media has become a useful tool for advocating for women’s rights.  However, the landscape of the digital age is changing. Have you noticed how, when browsing your social media, you tend to only see content with ideas that you agree with? Recently, this is how most people have been experiencing their online activity. Social […]

  • Anonymity: A Destruction of Justice

    Anonymity: A Destruction of Justice

    Introduction  Due to the complex structural conditions of the online sphere, such as anonymity, individual online actions may become more disinhibited and less restrained by traditional norms. Thus, meaning that individuals have the ability to abuse this structure in order perform criminal activities. Anonymity is a pinnacle in Internet culture that helps move forward this […]

  • Bots and Their Potential

    Bots and their Potential What are bots? Bots are tools that follow a coded script of instructions to complete a process. Bots can be algorithms designed to accomplish a certain task that is repetitive and could be done faster if a human were to do the same action. Some bots do not even need to […]