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  • Social Media on Social Movement

    Social Media on Social Movement

    Throughout history, social change has come in the form of protests and advocates leading followers. In today’s social climate, protests still occur, but social media has given reformers the opportunity to gain a lot of support and make change.   Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are three of the largest social media platforms in the world. […]

  • XML- Importance & Applications

    XML- Importance & Applications

    XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language and it serves two purposes. XML is used to structure data so that it can be stored and transported. The tags provides structure to the data.   Within a XML document, there are tags and text. The text that is to be stored is surrounded by tags that follow […]

  • The Joy of Data!

    The Joy of Data!

    Hi, all!   I hope that you had a great winter break!   In the last days, I have been preparing the syllabus for one of the courses that will start teaching this spring. The name of the class is “Internet Studies,” which deals with scholarly approaches to the network of networks. During my course […]

  • HASTAC Reaches 15,000 Members

    HASTAC Reaches 15,000 Members

    We’ve reached another HASTAC milestone! Yesterday HASTAC welcomed its 15,000th member. Now THAT is a number we celebrate. Everyone knows that many web statistics are nebulous–pageviews, visits, bounces, sessions–these are markers of activity, but they’re too often misused and paraded.   But 15,000 registered network members is a big deal! We’re stronger when more of […]