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  • Bibliography: blockchain and whisper networks

    The bibliography that follows is a first iteration of works that I’m gathering to explore epistemological and structural parallels between distributed ledger technology (aka blockchain) and whisper networks (as defined as “An informal chain of conversations among members of an oppressed or marginalized group about oppressors who need to be watched because of predatory behavior” […]

  • Generate an Annotated Bibliography with Zotero

    I started a PhD program this semester, and I vowed not to repeat some of the mistakes of my master’s thesis. I mean, I made many mistakes, but two are relevant here: I did not do a good job of tracking what I read. This meant that I when I would try to find Smart […]

  • From Love Letters to Facebook Messages: Has Technology Ruined Romance?

          Technology has transformed the way we function as a society. Tasks that would be time consuming are now made quicker to complete, creating convenience in our lives where there would otherwise be a series of steps to fulfill, all thanks to technology. From the way we travel, to the way we communicate, […]

  • How Conference Attendance Expands Your Thinking

    I recently attended the Association for Educational Communication  & Technology (AECT) conference in Jacksonville, Florida. One of my presentation was on the ” Video gameplay and the literacy practices of African immigrants students” at an institution of higher education in the U.S. At the end of my presentation, I received complimentary comments, and questions. However, […]

  • Important New Report on Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online

    Important New Report on Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online

    A new report by Data + Society, “Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online,” reveals how “an amalgam of conspiracy theorists, techno-libertarians, white nationalists, Men’s Rights advocates, trolls, anti-feminists, anti-immigration activists, and bored young people” used the collaborative culture of the internet to spread their beliefs and manipulate the media.  This extensive report by Alice Marwick and […]

  • STS Civic Technoscience Project- Tracking Wildlife

    STS Civic Technoscience Project- Tracking Wildlife

    Civic Technoscience Project Michael Davis                                              Aaron Wiltz Tyler Hale                                         Jordan Brown   In this project we were assigned a goal of making a public project more affordable to the public.  The point was to […]

  • On the implications of multimodal research for ethnography– and for the environment

    On the implications of multimodal research for ethnography– and for the environment

      As a social scientist and scholar, I see the emergence of digital or multimodal dissertations— traditionally researched and developed theses, which are published electronically and enhanced by audio files, video segments and even infographics generated from the research data—as platforms that expand the accessibility, timeliness and utility of graduate research for a broader global community. […]

  • Track your Cat -STS Technosci- Project

    STS Technoscience Project- Cat GPS Tracking By:Edwin Jimenez, Justin Wang, Will Payne and Søren Dahl   Introduction: We are a group of four STS students from NC State University creating a citizen science project.  Traditional citizen science rarely engages participants in shaping the research agenda. On the other hand, civic technoscience affords: “new material technologies in […]

  • Voyant and Dartmouth College Commencement

    Voyant and Dartmouth College Commencement

    I used Voyant to analyze two websites for Dartmouth College Commencement. Every try came up with most frequent words and a snapshot of the website analysis. For example, the first one was The results were: Those frequent words were reasonable are proportional to the main idea. But, I had to read the speech several times to understand what’s […]

  • Practicum: Network Analysis

    Practicum: Network Analysis

    I recently used Cytoscape – an open source platform for network analysis – to visualize the distribution of race and ethnicity among the deceased that law enforcement agencies killed in 2015 and 2016. I wanted to see which law enforcement agencies targeted which demographics of victims. I plan to use the information to focus activist […]