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  • Updating Wikipedia of a distinguished professor

    Updating Wikipedia of a distinguished professor

    I am CS major and I’m tracking my favorite CS professor publication. I updated Prof. Tom Conmen’s Wikipedia and added his new publication “Unlocked Algorithms”. I needed to add citation about the book and also some brief about the book.  Therefore, I needed to know more about the book and syllabus. It gave me an overview of […]

  • My Text Encoding Initiative

    My Text Encoding Initiative…   Through the use of TEI encoding, I have been able to formulate a representation of a text document in digital form. The short snippet of the document that I attempted to encode was called “A Poem on the Bill Lately Passed for Regulating the Slave Trade”. One of the main components in […]

  • Understanding Animal Faces

    Understanding Animal Faces

    I found my project on zooniverse, which is not a crowdsourcing project itself, but rather a platform which currently lists 51 projects from across several disciplines that are in need of volunteers. The project I contributed to was Understanding Animal Faces, the goal of which is to get computers to recognize the faces of different […]

  • The Stack of CrowdSourcing

    The Stack of CrowdSourcing

    What is crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is a method by which individuals or organizations use contributions to develop ideas or products. In today’s tech driven society, much of this is done through the use of the internet.   One of my favorite crowdsourcing platforms is stack overflow. I place this site in the category of crowdsourcing because […]

  • The relationship between a Database and a Digital Archive

    The relationship between a Database and a Digital Archive

    Stephen Ramsey points out that Relational Databases are very helpful and very efficient to access and search data. All Rational Databases use a comprehensive language goes by SQL that enable users and applications to search data very faster and more accuracy comparing to digital archives.  Relationships:  The relation between tables in Relational Databases it very similar to […]

  • Database != Hyperlink

    Database != Hyperlink

    What is a database? This might seem trivial, but the many responses to this question that I have received clearly represent the different perspectives to which people view data and information.   When writing a paper or researching something, most writers turn to the web in order to gain access to new information. On online […]

  • What is TEI Encoding?

    What is TEI Encoding?

      The Text Encoding Initiative (also known as TEI) has been around since 1987. According to the TEI website, it was founded to “develop guidelines for encoding machine-readable texts in the humanities and social sciences.” The majority of funding for the TEI comes from member fees. The great thing about the TEI is that the […]

  • Small Radios, Big Televisions: Radical(!) Environmentalism with a Burst of ’80s Nostalgia

    Small Radios, Big Televisions: Radical(!) Environmentalism with a Burst of ’80s Nostalgia

    I first saw the video game Small Radios, Big Televisions advertised on the late-night programming block Adult Swim in early November 2016. Immediately, I knew that it was something I had to look into, especially upon discovering that the developers at Fire Face Media described the game as an “[exploration of] digital worlds stored on […]