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  • HASTAC on Summer Hiatus

    This has been quite a year for HASTAC. Most recently, we found ourselves humbled and truly impressed by the great turnout for the #HASTAC17 conference CFP, we’ve wound down yet another academic year with some amazing work from our newest scholars class, produced and printed a student-led collaborative publication and reviews, closed out our long running and highly successful DML Competition, and begun to […]

  • NEH Object Lessons Workshop: Apply by June 30

    Apply to an Object Lessons Workshop Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities How can scholars and nonfiction authors write for broader audiences while maintaining intellectual rigor and developing their academic profiles? In 2017 – 2018, Object Lessons will host four NEH Institutes. These workshops will offer guidance and strategies for answering this question, especially […]

  • LLG1: MOOC evaluation

    LLG1: MOOC evaluation

    An in-depth look at two popular online adult learning platforms and their overall effectiveness. Please open the attached document. 

  • SciGirls Code Playlists for Learning Final Report

    SciGirls Code Playlists for Learning Final Report

    {Art bots built with Hummingbird Robotics Kit} Who were you addressing with your design objective? SciGirls Code is designed for middle school girls (in grades 5-8) in out-of-school time. Sixteen participating sites, located across the country, will each engage ten girls in the nine-month pilot connected learning project. Sites are: Cedar Park Elementary School, Apple […]

  • Why WordPress? Take Control and Build Your Own Course Site

    Why WordPress? Take Control and Build Your Own Course Site

    At every education level, teachers spend hours prepping and planning. For educators, the highest priority items when mapping out a semester often include creating learning goals, lessons, and assignments. It is completely understandable that the last thing any professor would like to do before the semester begins is learn a new tool. However, gone are the days where […]

  • Clean Air Survey

    Clean Air Survey

    We chose to adapt the OPAL Air Survey in a few ways that improve upon the delivery of the survey. The OPAL Air Survey is an ambitious project that uses Lichen growing on trees to measure the relative health of the local air. Lichen are highly sensitive to air quality and have been used to detect […]

  • Bad Kids Save the World

    Bad Kids Save the World

    Playground City has had three main focuses during the last three months: 1)  Develop a suite of playlists that engage youth in their local food environment; 2)  Connect with our learners where they are, and understand their learning identities by asking questions; and 3)  Begin to address structural unemployment; i.e., understand employers’ hiring identities by […]

  • FI App: Getting Started Tips

    FI App: Getting Started Tips

    In my last post, I announced my FI research project, which aims to build a tool that can benefit both the FI and broader CUNY community. Specifically, the project focuses on building the FI Events Mobile Application. As a quick reminder, the goals of the project are the following: Build an Android Mobile App that displays FI events, which provides greater […]

  • Wiki-Contributing


    For exercise 1 of this practicum, I visited the citation hunt project page and searched for a topic relevant to myself, track and field athletes. I stumbled upon a page that needed multiple citations, a former athlete and American beauty pageant winner Claire Schreiner. The citations I tried to add didn’t end up working, but this […]

  • Why I Use Google Slides Now

    Why I Use Google Slides Now

    As a scholar interested in visual rhetoric and design, I am acutely aware of every font choice, background image, and text color in presentations as well as how many opportunities there are to have a bad visual presentation. Maybe the font is difficult to read, or there is too much text crammed onto one slide, or […]