• TEI Encoding and Headers

    TEI Encoding and Headers

                  The main parts of a TEI Header are the file description, encoding description, text profile, container element and revision history. In the case of the Williams poem, the Header informs us of the poem’s bibliographic information, the encoding description lets us know the poem was keyed in using Google books and the text […]

  • TEI as a LEGO

    TEI as a LEGO

    All of us played with Legos in our childhood. How much is exciting? Think about a very big Lego with hundreds of pieces there. We always enjoy challenging ourselves. So, you might join your brothers and sisters and even parents to help you how to assemble it correctly. Most of the time there are pictures […]

  • Purpose of TEI Headers

    Purpose of TEI Headers

         There are three main parts of the TEI header in this file. First, the file description  provides general bibliographical information. In this case, the file description is split into two sections labelled “title statement” and “publication statement.” Together, the information here includes the name of the piece, the author, and the “distributor” [of […]

  • Small Radios, Big Televisions: Radical(!) Environmentalism with a Burst of ’80s Nostalgia

    Small Radios, Big Televisions: Radical(!) Environmentalism with a Burst of ’80s Nostalgia

    I first saw the video game Small Radios, Big Televisions advertised on the late-night programming block Adult Swim in early November 2016. Immediately, I knew that it was something I had to look into, especially upon discovering that the developers at Fire Face Media described the game as an “[exploration of] digital worlds stored on […]

  • XML- Importance & Applications

    XML- Importance & Applications

    XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language and it serves two purposes. XML is used to structure data so that it can be stored and transported. The tags provides structure to the data.   Within a XML document, there are tags and text. The text that is to be stored is surrounded by tags that follow […]

  • Importance of markup

    Importance of markup

    People are excited by reading attractive parts of a book or an article. Some pieces might be very important. Some articles are too long or not easy to understand all pieces firstly. Most of the time it is not necessary to read entire a blog or a document. We markup some elements which they are more […]

  • The Joy of Data!

    The Joy of Data!

    Hi, all!   I hope that you had a great winter break!   In the last days, I have been preparing the syllabus for one of the courses that will start teaching this spring. The name of the class is “Internet Studies,” which deals with scholarly approaches to the network of networks. During my course […]

  • HASTAC Reaches 15,000 Members

    HASTAC Reaches 15,000 Members

    We’ve reached another HASTAC milestone! Yesterday HASTAC welcomed its 15,000th member. Now THAT is a number we celebrate. Everyone knows that many web statistics are nebulous–pageviews, visits, bounces, sessions–these are markers of activity, but they’re too often misused and paraded.   But 15,000 registered network members is a big deal! We’re stronger when more of […]

  • SciGirls Code: Designing CS Playlists for Girls

    SciGirls Code from Twin Cities PBS is a connected learning project designed to increase the participation of middle school girls in computer science. Our pilot, which is now in development and will run during the 2017-18 school year, will engage girls at 16 sites across the country in hands-on robotics, e-textile, and mobile app development […]